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Register now for Meine SBK and manage a lot of things conveniently and online from home or on the go.

Note: If you have already registered for Meine SBK, you can sign in using your existing password. To do so, please go to the login page, where you can also request a new password if necessary.

Any further questions?

Call and talk to us Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm: +49 800 072 572 597 55 (toll-free for calls within Germany)

Your insurance number

Your 10-character insurance number can be found on your SBK healthcare card. It consists of a capital letter and 9 numbers. Note: The letter i is often confused with 1 and the letter O is confused with zero.



If you have not yet notified us about your new postcode after moving, use the old postal code.